Frequently Asked Questions


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What is NJROTC?

NJROTC is a program dedicated to instilling core values into cadets that will help those cadets in the long run. To create safe, informed, and productive members of society by making a better citizen.

Who Can Join Quabbin NJROTC?

Anyone! All people that attend Quabbin Regional High School have access to joining Quabbin NJROTC. We are a very open organization that allows all students in as a cadet. The opportunity for a cadet to join is open to all. We do have some requirements for physical being, but that will be all sorted out later on. To join, just let guidance know that you are interested in NJROTC. Cadets are as well allowed into the unit in any grade that they so choose.

Why Take NJROTC as a Course?

NJROTC accounts for credits towards physical fitness and as well as life- altering decisions to improve a cadet. We are like a second family as well, as this is the common thought in NJROTC and that cadets will take care of one another, if they so desire.

What does NJROTC Stand for?

NJROTC stands for Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps.

What are the Main Beliefs of Quabbin NJROTC?

Honor, Courage, and Commitment are the 3 core values in accordance with the correlation as the same core values as the Navy.

What is the Level of Commitment Needed for NJROTC?

The Commitment level in NJROTC is applicable to whenever you say that you are going to be there, that you be there. If you sign up for drill team for instance, you are expected to make all of the practices with certain exceptions to this rule, like if you already have a previous commitment in place such as cross country. As well, there are mandatory days that you will be required to attend, such as the day of the AMI (Area Manager’s Inspection) and parades. If you decide to join the drill team, as well, you are expected to make it to each practice that you need to be at.

When my Cadet Joins NJROTC, Do they Have to Join the Military?

No, absolutely not. NJROTC is indeed in joint workings with the US Navy and teaches similarly, but does not imply that you have to join the Navy after you are done with NJROTC. This is a common misconception because NROTC (not Junior) does have a certain commitment to the armed forces, but unlike NROTC, this truth does not follow in the NJROTC field.