Chain of Command

The Quabbin NJROTC unit has a “social ladder” in which cadets will report to. This is the upper echelon of that social ladder,— the Chain of Command— inclusive of staff, assistants, and company personnel. Squad leaders will be found under the “Chain of Command” button. The “Team Commanders” button lists our teams and their commanders. More information on each team can be found under the “Operations” tab.


Promotion Matrix

The Promotion Matrix is an up- to- date form that tells the cadets everything they have done to work towards their next promotion. In order to find a certain cadet/ change which matrix you’re looking at, click the tabs at the bottom of your screen.


Capt Daniel Brennock; SNSI; USN Retired

Lt Kathleen Frydel; NSI; USN Retired


Staff Team

cadet Morgan Whitney; Commanding officer (co)


Cadet Emma Stoddard; Executive Officer (xO)

XO Stoddard.jpg



Cadet Jayde Blette; Supply Officer


Nick Lambert; ADMINISTRATIVE Officer

ADMIN Lambert.jpg

Cadet Lindsey LEssore; web Master


The Company


1st Platoon

Cadet Sarah Rheaume; 1st Plt Commander


Cadet Sam Gagnon; 1st plt chief


2nd Platoon

Cadet Anthony harvey; 2nd plt commander


Cadet Sarah Rowell; 2nd plt chief


3rd Platoon

Cadet Morgan FlEischer; 3rd plt commander


Cadet Danny Tran; 3rd plt chief