Chain of Command

The Quabbin NJROTC unit has a “social ladder” in which cadets will report to. This is the upper echelon of that social ladder,— the Chain of Command— inclusive of staff, assistants, and company personnel. Squad leaders will be found under the “Chain of Command” button. The “Team Commanders” button lists our teams and their commanders. More information on each team can be found under the “Operations” tab.


Promotion Matrix

The Promotion Matrix is an up- to- date form that tells the cadets everything they have done to work towards their next promotion. In order to find a certain cadet/ change which matrix you’re looking at, click the tabs at the bottom of your screen.


Capt Daniel Brennock; SNSI; USN Retired


Lt Kathleen Frydel; NSI; USN Retired


Lt Cmdr Joseph Day; Commanding officer (co)

Joseph, closely known as Joe, has been an all around student. He is a student athlete for indoor and outdoor track and field. He’s a varsity student in all he does. On top of all of that, Day is an outstanding student. He’s a high honors student, a mathlete and in the top 5 of the senior class. Day is well known because he is very nice to all those he encounters, brightening up your day as you meet him. He works closely with XO Freeman.


Lt CMDR Devin Freeman; Executive Officer (xO)

Devin Freeman is an example to others in the unit. He may seem to be more reserved to himself but will speak his mind and is also a good cadet. He plays soccer at the varsity level for Quabbin, a passion of his since he has been a kid. He runs this unit by example and has all authority over the Command Staff (not inclusive of Lt Cmdr Day). He reports directly to the CO as he is commonly placed as the second in command.




Lt Savannah Bergeron; Supply Officer

Savannah Bergeron is a friendly and well- liked cadet. She likes to laugh and smile as it is the most common and a bright example of how she is as a person. She is already enlisted in the Navy and will be shipping off not much later after her graduation. She is also athletic as she is on track and field in both indoors and outdoors. Savannah works under the XO and has Chief Sarah Roach as her assistant in all of their devotion to this unit. Lt Bergeron works under the XO.


Chief Sarah Roach; Assistant Supply Officer

Sarah Roach is a caring and giving person. She is a authentically nice cadet and will speak her mind when she gives her input. She is a very organized cadet as she has her designated times for working and sticks to them. She works hard and doesn’t falter. Sarah is a good cadet and she also participates in the drama club at Quabbin. Chief Roach works closely with Lt Bergeron as she is Bergeron’s assistant.


Lt Jg Kayla Pollier; ADMINISTRATIVE Officer

Kayla Pollier is one of the most gentle cadets in the entire unit. She is the youngest in her class, the senior class, out of the rest of the cadets in the unit. She is smart and she is soft spoken. She is a well organized cadet and works well in her department. She works well to finish all of her work and devotes a good amount of her time to her job and along with her assistant, Chief Kevin Patch, the two work together well. Lt Jg Pollier works under the XO.


Chief Kevin Patch; Assistant Admin Officer

Kevin Patch is the assistant to the administrative officer— Lt Jg Pollier. He is a cadet that gives life to those around him, putting a smile on everyone’s faces. Kevin is an all around nice person that participates heavily when he does. Patch has been in the unit since the first day of the program came available to him. He aspires to go to Mount Wachusett Community College, majoring at the honors program there for business. Chief Patch has been able to achieve a lot when looking at the broader spectrum as a great part of the staff.


Ens Lauryn Brown; Public Affairs Officer

Lauryn Brown is a kind cadet and is the active PAO. She is the one who provides the unit our public image. She aspires to go to Cornell University. She plans on studying meteorology. She is a very talkative and extroverted cadet as she loves when she can talk to people. She is a devoted member of NJROTC. She works under the XO as a member of the Command Staff.


Lt Jg Benjamin Tuttle; Operations Officer

Benjamin, also known as Ben, Tuttle is a outstanding cadet with a resume that can back his history up. Ben is an intelligent kid and is quite goofy, the kind that everyone can get a laugh at. Ben is also a star athlete as a varsity member of the cross country team. He is amazing at PT as well as he is known for his mile time in the unit. Tuttle is the operations officer, which means that he is primary in making the dates of events and making sure that they happen. Tuttle is well appreciated and he is overwhelmingly hilarious. Lt Jg Tuttle works directly for the XO as a key part of the Command Staff.


CPO Gauge Dardas; web Master

Chief Gauge Dardas is the author of this website and everything that comes with it. As his job, he makes this website come to life. He realizes that he is talking about himself in the third person which makes him feel very awkward. He is on the varsity team of track and field, but specified only to the outdoor version of it. He is passionate towards NJROTC as he tries to involve himself as much as he can. Chief Dardas is revamping the website as he has changed it from a non user-friendly website to an interactive website to the extent that he can. He works directly for the XO as the newest addition to staff.


The Company


1st Platoon


Lt cmdr Maia Ostromecki; 1st Plt Commander

Maia Ostromecki is the 1st Platoon Commander. Maia is in charge of 4 squads of cadets (rows). Cadet Ostromecki has gone to LA/ST as both a cadet and as an aide. She aspires to go to Massachusetts Maritime Academy and study environmental science. Ostromecki is also on the drill team. She is in charge of the unarmed platoon and is the 2nd squad leader for the armed platoon. She also is on the PT team. She works along side with Senior Chief Jordan Salovardos as she is in charge of the entire 1st platoon and everyone that is in that platoon. She works closely with the CO.


SCpo jordan salovardos; 1st plt chief

Jordan Salovardos is the 1st Platoon Chief. She is second in charge to Maia Ostromecki. Jordan is largely interested in dance and is the direct contact from the NS1s up the Chain of Command. She helps out with teaching the NS1s drill and also is on the drill team herself. Jordan works closely with Lt Ostromecki as her platoon chief.


po1 Corey morgan; 1st plt guide

Corey Morgan is the present guide for 1st platoon. Corey is involved in sports such as football, playing as a lineman, and he was previously on outdoor track and field as a thrower. Morgan is the beacon of 1st platoon as he is holds the flag while they do everything together. Petty Officer Morgan works closely with Senior Chief Salovardos.


2nd Platoon


Lt Jg elizabeth shea; 2nd plt commander

Elizabeth, a.k.a. Ellie, Shea is the 2nd Platoon Commander. Ellie is in charge of approximately 25 cadets, akin to 1st and 3rd platoon. Shea is on the drill team and is the guide for the armed platoon and the 3rd squad leader for the unarmed platoon. As well, she is in charge of the inspection team and also participates in academics and PT frequently. Senior Chief James Nobilini and Chief Carriveau are her closest peers and Shea collaborates with CO Day.


Scpo james nobilini; 2nd plt chief

Senior Chief James Nobilini is the 2nd Platoon Chief. He is enthused to work with his cadets, as he will and has been working as the caregiver for his NS1s. Nobilini is involved with the field of mechanics as he has been close to trains for most of his life. He is passionate about both his NS1s and trains. Nobilini works closely with Lt Jg Shea as her Platoon Chief. Without the collaboration of the Platoon Commander and Platoon Chief, the entire company would fall apart, designating how important Nobilini’s job is.


Chief Nathan Carriveau; 2nd plt guide

Chief Nathan Carriveau is the Platoon Guide for 2nd Platoon. Nathan is going into the Marine Corps after high school going into the field as a “grunt”. Nathan works hard to get to where he is, as for instance, he PTs with the Marines. He is going to be deployed not long after our graduation date. For now, Nathan will be the unit’s platoon guide. Nathan works closely with Senior Chief James Nobilini and Lt Jg Elizabeth Shea.


3rd Platoon


lt jg kloee wheeler; 3rd plt commander

Lt Jg Kloee Wheeler is the 3rd Platoon Commander. Kloee is charge of her approximately 25 cadets arranged in 4 squads. Wheeler aspires to go to Massachusetts Maritime Academy and study emergency management. Wheeler is presently on the drill team as 1st squad leader in both the unarmed and armed platoon. Wheeler participates in inspection as well. She also does Spartan races outside of school and is a trained lifeguard. Lt Jg Wheeler works closely with Senior Chief Shawn Hardy and PO1 Sydney Smith.


Scpo shawn hardy; 3rd plt chief

Senior Chief Shawn Hardy is the Platoon Chief for 3rd Platoon. Hardy is on the drill team as an extracurricular. He is in the armed platoon as an element. He is also incorporated with the PT team. Shawn is undecided with his future as of now, but he is determined and the unit is determined he will be destined for something great as an equivalent. Senior Chief Hardy works closely with Lt Jg Wheeler and PO1 Smith.


po1 Sydney Smith ; 3rd plt guide

Petty Officer Smith is the 3rd Platoon Guide. Sydney aspires to go to Johnson & Wales University. Smith wants to go into the culinary field. Smith is on the golf team for Quabbin. Smith is the motivation for the team and is designated as a morale boost for the cadets. Smith works closely with Senior Chief Shawn Hardy and Lt Jg Wheeler.