Team Name:



Color Guard

Albano and Bray

The Quabbin NJROTC trains cadets to perform in color guards as it is a requirement for certain promotions. Qualifications are held by the commanders and this team can be seen frequently at Quabbin sports events/ games.



The Quabbin NJROTC has a POW/ MIA team as well in addition to the other teams that are mentioned. They perform for ceremonies to display a commemoration to those who were lost in the tides of conflict.

PT Make- Up


For those cadets that have missed a day of PT, they are given the opportunity to make that day up by PT- ing with the commander and promoting their fitness and well- being. PT make up dates are as follows:

Spaghetti Dinner


The Spaghetti Dinner is a semi- annual event that is hosted by Quabbin NJROTC and the invite to eat extends to the entire community

Ticket Sales


Ticket sales are an important community service opportunity that cadets participate in to support other teams at Quabbin.



The Marksmanship team is the team that practices safe shooting and rifle safety. The team uses air rifles and is required to take a test and get a perfect score on that test. The goal of marksmanship is to eliminate all accidents and to stress that the cadets are the most important part of the team and everything they do.